A day tinged with sadness but a lot of love...

The end an era! Today Roy Bamforth said a farewell to staff, friends and colleagues at Trio and around the world.

Roy has been director of Trio for over 33 years since Trio started in September 1987, and said a tearful goodbye. He was supprised by a "This is your Trio Life" show and presented with the Big Red Book by fellow director, Chris Backhouse.

As is befiting, a toast with Champagne topped off the event... Roy, you will be sadly missed.




Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020 Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in the US with its beginning going back to 1621.

The Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Native Americans shared a fall harvest feast that is acknowledged as one of the first Thanksgiving celebration.

In the US Thanksgiving marks the official kick off of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. It is a time celebrated with family and be thankful for the many blessing we enjoy.

Needless to say, this year’s Thanksgiving holiday will be quite a bit different than in the past, with ‘Zoomgivings’ gatherings and masks being the norm. But…we push forward knowing the future will be better and more prosperous for all !




Firmware Update... 2.0304

Firmware Update... 2.0304 Trio have released the new version 2.0304 for all Motion Coordinators in the MC4, 5 and 6 ranges apart from the MC464.
2.0304 includes:

  • Optimization of the Uniplay HMI including new HMI disconnect alerts and a reduction in CPU usage when the HMI process is running.
  • Improved debug with the FLASH_LOG function with timestamped events stored for review.
  • New for EtherCAT is built-in support for Panasonic A6 multi-axis drives and new selections for the range of RTA Stepper drives.
  • New IEC61131-3 function TC_WA (milliseconds) can support task delays and the firmware now supports PLC-Open for the higher specification Motion Coordinators.
  • RPS improvements include the STOP_ROBOT command for use within robot programs.
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Diwali 2020

Diwali 2020Members of Trio India are today celebrating Diwali, the Indian festival of lights.
The festival commemorates new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. This year, Diwali takes place on November 12 and goes on for five days, with the main day of celebrations taking place on Saturday, November 14. Happy celebrations!




DX4 Launched to the Press

DX4 Launched Trio UK ran a press event on Wednesday 28 October to launch the DX4/MX Servo packages.
The online Teams event was attended by journalists from an array of magazines signed in to the presentation from Trio staff and a glass of "bubbly" to toast the success of the new servo drive and motor packages. A couple of the journalists reported that the event was "brilliant". Always nice to get good feedback.
Further events are planned for Europe, USA and India.
The online editorials for the UK magazines can be found here...




NEW... Motion Perfect 5

New... MPv5Design, Develop, Test, Deploy and Secure... Motion Perfect 5 enhances the programming experience for the Motion Coordinator and the new DX4 range of drives.
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About Trio...

Trio Motion Technology was founded in 1987 as a manufacturer of motion controllers. Today the range, branded Motion Coordinators,can control up to 128 axes of servo, stepperand piezo motors as well as hydraulic systems. Trio’s expertise of motion programming is based within its Motion-iX technology. Launch of the new servo drive and motor package now develops Trio’s offering into a motion solution in addition to providing motion controllers for automation vendors and system integrators.

The company headquarters is based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, which also comprises its primary research and development hub. Additional R&D facilities are located in Italy, Bulgaria,and China. Application development teams are located in the UK, USA, Italy, India and China, and a global sales network comprises over 100 partners.

In 2017 Trio was acquired by the Estun Group, which is supporting Trio in its growth with assistance through shared facilities and R&D as well as financial backing. Trio has exceeded 15% growth year on year since the acquisition. In addition to the primary global markets, a significant proportion of Trio’s business is in China where the company’s motion control capability has enabled Estun to become a major player in the China automation market. Despite the presence of the Estun brand, motion control products in China carry Trio branding.

Launch of the DX4 is symbolic of the collaboration between Trio’s engineers and the wider Estun Group. Lead by Trio’s domain expertise in motion control, the launch has delivered a jointly developed servo system, specifically optimised for superior performance in motion applications

What Others Say About Trio

Thanks again for a fantastic training session. Once I have had some time to go through the software, if I may I will get in touch regarding the most appropriate hardware for the film application.

Mark Berry - MRB Rigging, UK

First and foremost, hats off to the team for the demo of the RPS with the pallet template . Dennis and Jason were both raving about the Trio front end and control capabilities and what a nice looking, clean mechanical and controls package we had to present.

Shane Lay - Neff Engineering, USA

For those of us who have spent our lives in motion control it is easy to forget that many new customers have no previous experience of motion control. To them it is just a word. However when all is said and done the Trio is probably the most powerful I have ever had my hands on.

Richard Colson - Total Motion Systems, UK

When a customer asks me, why use Trio? I say, if you have you wouldn’t be asking me.

Matt Sim - ISTECH Automation, USA

We are all very impressed with your response and implementation, and it suits our application perfectly.

After looking for work-arounds for the last two days, it only took 30 minutes to understand, implement and test the two functions which certainly tells me you have designed a very intelligent and intuitive system.

Autronics - Yangebup, Australia

Tony, Your help and timely response was crucial to getting this job done, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it.

This is my first real application with Trio, and although it wasn't a very complicated job I needed it to go quickly to meet the delivery.

Everything about this controller was perfect for the application and the software was very simple to work with. Trio will get my vote for future applications where applicable.

Thanks again, great first experience and excellent customer support.

Steve Veremeychik - Axis Inc

The machine ran 460 labels/minute, with a speed of app. 58 m/mins, easily within the precision-requirements of the customer - This is actually 50% faster then needed!

Nicolai Hanssing - Delta Elektronik A/S

The performance of MC405 it's incredible, we have increased the machine speed and the control of the drive has more accuracy compared to the Euro205.

Riccardo Lamieri - United Palletizer, Bologna S.r.l.


I have to hand it to you guys... the products are great, robust, scalable, flexible, cost effective and with great form factors!

Please pass it along to the folks at the home office and if you have someone on the fence and need a customer for them to call, please give them my info.

Thanks again for the great products and outstanding support.

Jack Chopper - Filamatic, USA

Two new P730 modules were sent immediately by Express Delivery Service after my distributor made a call, was delivered to him the very same day. After that, he kindly sent them by a bus from Slovenia to Belgrade, Serbia.

My delivery guy took them and brought them to the workshop in less than an hour. So, the modules were delivered in 36 hours after I made a request! They are now at the machine, working perfectly! I thank all of you guys so much for what I call the real support!

Zeljko - Serbia

Thank you for having us at the classes last week. Training is very important for us to properly service our customers and work efficiently. In these difficult economic times it becomes increasingly difficult to find room in the budget for training employees.

To have our technicians go through a class of the caliber that you provide at no cost is a tremendous boost for our company. Every bit of profit margin we receive from our increased proficiency will be especially important in the current state of our market. We truly appreciate the support.

Patrick Myers - Joseph Machine Company, USA

We are commissioning our first Trio controller, the software it’s great, so easy to use.

César Jiménez, Ing, MSc - Smart Projects Systems SAS

Having dealt with the CANOpen state machines on another manufacturer's product, I can honestly say that I am glad that most of the EtherCAT protocol and state machines are handled behind the scenes in the Trio!

Frank Duren - Flexible Services

Yesterday a customer approved the instalation of our supply in their factory after testing the machine with the MC664-X.

There are 5 EtherCAT axes... We incorpored advanced diagnostics and have full local and remote access to all components over ethernet

We want to thank Trio for the help. Without it we couldn't have completed the job to the level that we wished for.

Jorge L. Gorbato - Euro Techniques s.a.