Why Buy Trio?

About Trio

Trio Motion Technology is a specialised source of high performance motion control technology, a field of automation, encompassing the systems involved in moving parts of machines, robots or motors in a precise and controlled manner. The main components involved typically include a motion controller, drives and motors or actuators.


Our Products

Trio Motion Technology has been manufacturing high-quality motion controllers branded Motion Coordinators since 1987 and has a comprehensive range that allows economical, flexible and seamless control of 1 to 128 axes of servo motors, stepper motors, piezo motors or hydraulic systems. Trio products can be found in virtually every servo and stepper application.

Our Approach

Trio does not sell servo drives or motors; preferring instead to provide the interfaces required to enable you to choose Motors & Drives to best suit your requirements. We believe in supporting rather than competing with our distributors and believe that the better the knowledge of the customer the better the end result. We train all of our distributors before they sell our products and we offer a comprehensive training program for customers.


Our manufacturing is done by carefully selected subcontractors, allowing us to quickly ramp up production to fulfil large orders as they happen. Trio purchases all the component parts and provides kits to the subcontractors for manufacturing, allowing us to control the quality of the components used. We aim to deliver most orders from stock.


With offices in Tewkesbury (UK), Pittsburgh (USA), Pune (India) and Shanghai (China), Trio Motion Technology supplies its' entire product range worldwide via a network of fully supported distributors.

We offer the very best technical support in the industry, and our customers regard our application and technical support capability very highly.

ISO 9001

An Expert in Motion

Trio has a dedicated in-house research & development team that designs controls as solutions for customer applications. Over the years we have introduced many innovations into the market. All our products are tested to international standards and the company holds ISO9001:2019 quality approval.

Because of Trio's rich history of innovative motion products, Trio has become a source for other companies wishing to incorporate motion control technology into their products. Major Automation Company's either use Trio standard products as their control line, or have worked with Trio to design custom products exclusively for them.

why buy trio

Learn only one programming environment

A single programming interface for motion and machine control up to 64 axes of coordinated motion, Motion Perfect is designed to make setup, diagnostics, commissioning and using our range of Motion Coordinators as simple as possible. Program in IEC 61131-3 and TrioBASIC languages to best fit your application. Motion Perfect provides the user with an easy to understand Windows based interface for rapid application development, controller configuration and monitoring of controller processes. The integrated UNIPLAY system makes HMI screen development quick and easy.

why buy trio

Easy programming of complex motion

The TrioBASIC programming language, with a powerful suite of instructions and tools developed over 24 years, makes even the most advanced motion programming easy. TrioBASIC provides ease of programming for many complex applications. With multitasking and subroutine capabilities, it allows users to create modular programs, ideal for code reuse and better readability thus saving valuable time.
The syntax is similar to that of other structured BASIC systems. Functions include:

  • Linear, Circular, Helical and spherical interpolation
  • Variable speed / acceleration profiles
  • Electronic gearboxes
  • Electronic cam profiles generate motion based on the position of another axis or based on time
  • Superimpose multiple moves / cams to generate the final motion
  • High Speed Registration; ideal for adding motion into continuous processes
  • Communication functions enabling interface to HMI or SCADA type systems
  • All of our programming and utility software is FREE with no support charges or licence fees
why buy trio

Modular architecture saves costs

A range of Motion Coordinators, with unique modular design to make sure that whatever the drive, motor and feedback type you choose, you can control it simply, with only the hardware needed. Then only pay for the features that you use on the controller, saving cost and reducing the panel space required.

why buy trio

Protect your investment with program encryption

Protect your software inside the controller, allowing you to maintain any in house intellectual property and stay ahead of your competition.

The Project Encryptor is a utility that enables a programmer's intellectual property to be licenced to individual Motion Coordinators. A project is developed normally using Motion Perfect and then encrypted. Once encrypted the program is safe to distribute and can only be loaded to a controller with a correct key, which is unique to both the controller serial number and source project.

  • Licence your intellectual property
  • Greater security for machine exporters
  • Allows diagnostic access for maintenance purposes and program upgrades in the field whilst protecting IP
why buy trio

Your choice of drive interface

Choose your digital drive network from one of the many standard drive communications protocols supported. Simple to select and integrate, it gives you ultimate flexibility. The future of motion is real-time digital networked technology. We support these communications networks for drives:

  • Panasonic Real Time Express RTEX for MINAS A4N, 5N and 6N series
  • Sercos
  • Control Techniques SLM & PLM
  • CANopen
  • EtherCAT
why buy trio

Your choice of factory communication

The support of many factory communication protocols makes sure that factory automation systems can communicate with our equipment. The ability to communicate with standard factory automation equipment will drive future productivity gains within larger organisations. Protocols available include:

  • EtheCAT I/O
  • Ethernet IP
  • Modbus-TCP/IP
  • CANopen Master
  • Device net Slave
  • Trio I/O
  • CC Link
  • Profibus
  • Profinet I/O
  • Modbus-RTU
why buy trio

Your choice of programming methods

We think that TrioBasic will solve all your programming needs, however, if you have learnt another standard programming language we support G Code and IEC 61131 programming methods. Your choice!

G Code is widely output from CADCAM systems for CNC machines. Our system interprets standard G and M codes through a TrioBASIC interpreter. This gives you the flexibility to change the support for custom G or M codes.

The built in industry standard IEC 61131 runtime, is an easy to use full function PLC programming system.

Integrated into the target Motion Coordinator the runtime kernel allows multiple PLC tasks to be run and has access to all I/O and distributed I/O. The IEC 61131 program has access to all Trio motion commands, axis parameters, VR and Table memory.

why buy trio

Make your machine perform faster

Better motion control leads to faster cycle time and optimal machine performance. Our Motion Coordinators are designed to deliver higher machine performance; better position control, better accuracy and higher speed. Stay ahead of your competition and offer your customers an advantage

why buy trio

Reduce machine delivery times

Cut the time required to program motion and reduce the cost of integration and programming. Our customers are testament to the fact that using Trio Motion Coordinators helps them deliver products quickly and win more business. Also we have lots of small features designed to save valuable time while making a machine.

  • Using a plug & play digital drive interface reduces the number of wire terminations per axis
  • Use SD memory to store or transfer recipes, collected data, programs & configuration data
why buy trio

Customise and embed

Are you planning to upgrade your machine design, or control front end for your drive? Not seen exactly what you are looking for in our standard range? We can offer a customised embedded solution to suit your exact needs. If you are manufacturing 200 machines per annum then talk to the Trio team and find out how adaptable our technology is.